3 Ways To Repair A Chipped Tooth

“Dr. Naik, I have a broken tooth! What can I do?”

Maybe you were taking a swig of coffee and the mug clipped your front teeth, or you bit into something much harder than anticipated. If you’ve ever wondered how dentists work their magic to repair chipped teeth, Dr. Naik may have the answer to make you smile again..

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth

It may seem small, but a chip in your tooth can lead to several changes in your health, your confidence and your self-esteem. If you’re visiting your family dentist for more than your usual cleaning or cavity filling, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The perfect solution for damaged teeth should incorporate affordable dentistry delivered by an exceptional dentist. Talk with your dentist about the quality, convenience and care you can expect with the following restorative options in modern cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain Veneers

Long Lasting, Low Stress

Do you have a misshapen or chipped tooth, or small spaces between teeth?

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth using minimally invasive cosmetic dental care. Because they are so versatile and easy to maintain, patients often choose veneers to achieve a more youthful, symmetrical, and beautiful appearance.

At your appointment, Dr. Naik will assess your teeth to determine if veneers are right for you. You may want a single veneer, or elect for a cosmetic makeover with multiple veneers. At your appointment the surface layer of your tooth is lightly buffed to make room for the veneer before it is bonded to the teeth and sealed with an ultraviolet light.

Dental Crowns

Recover A Fully Functional Smile

For patients with large chipped, missing, or discolored teeth, dental crowns provide a long-term solution that looks and feels natural and can last 5-20 years or longer with proper care.

Dental crowns are natural looking, tooth colored caps that restore the shape, size and color of your teeth, and are commonly used to restore teeth after root canal therapy or to replace a tooth when used in conjunction with a dental implant.

Crowns can be made of porcelain, resin, ceramic, metal, or a combination of the materials. Depending on your unique dental needs, such as your budget and the shape of your mouth, Dr. Naik will work with you to best determine the perfect option for you. After digital X-rays and a mold of your teeth are made, our dental team will design a crown that will give you a luminous and seamless smile. Until the permanent one is created in a local dental lab, a temporary crown is placed over the surface of your natural tooth. Once the permanent crown is available, Dr. Naik will place it, ensuring that it is the exact shape and fit for comfort and aesthetics.


Cosmetic Dentistry Made Easy

Bonding is one of most highly preferred and sought after treatments. It is cost effective and can remove years of visible wear and tear in little time. Bonding is an excellent option if the chip has occurred on small area of your tooth or is located on one of your top front teeth.

During the bonding process, a tooth-colored, putty-like material resin is applied to the teeth to fill in chips, spaces, or discoloration as well as brighten or improve their color. Once the layering of the resin is complete, sculpting tools are used to shape and then polish the resin so that the final result is a restored tooth that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your teeth. This process takes generally 30 minutes to one hour and is painless.

Fixing A Chipped Tooth in Vienna, VA

Each option for fixing a chipped tooth is readily available for you here at Priti Naik, DDS. With modern cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental care, we’re able to restore your smile and confidence with all the ease you’ve come to know and trust at your family dentist in Vienna. Give us a call today (703) 288-1800 if you’d like to discuss cosmetic dentistry for your smile!

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