Dental Implants Popular In Falls Church

Many individuals in the Falls Church area of Virginia are looking into the possibility of dental implants. Dental implants should be considered when an individual is loosing the root structure of his or her natural tooth. In these cases, the jawbone often shrinks and makes the face appear older than it actually is. If you are missing one or more teeth because of injury, disease, or any history of tooth decay, and would like to consider dental implants, you can discuss this possibility with Dr. Naik or another dental professional.

A dental implant consists of a little titanium screw that replaces the root part of a natural tooth. They are placed in either the upper or lower part of the jaw and becomes a solid anchor in replacement of the tooth. There are three main types of dental implants. They’re described based on their shape and their attachment to the jawbone. The Endosseous impants, known as being within the bone, resemble a screw or blade-like shape. They are made from metal, ceramic, or metal covered with a ceramic material. The endosseous implants are placed directly in the jawbone. There are also dental implants known as subperiosteal implants, and these consist of a metal framework that latches on top of the jawbone and then underneath the gum tissue. The last kind of dental implant is called a transosteal implant, which most often a metal pin or u-shaped frame that is placed directly into the mouth.

If you are looking at dental implants in Falls Church, VA, Dr. Naik or another Northern Virginia dental specialist will help you figure out the necessary type, size, and design of your dental implant. Normally, the decision is made according to where the dental implant will be positioned, the available bone, and the way that your teeth are shaped and how they could possibly support the implant. Regardless, if you are interested in getting dental implants, the best person to speak to is a dental surgeon.

So why are dental implants so popular when there are other tooth replacement options? Often when individuals are considering dental implants, they also look into the possibility of dentures or dental bridges. However, dental implants are typically a superior choice. Dental implants stop the process of jawbone shrinkage entirely, while dentures and dental bridges simply change one’s physical appearance. Dental implants also help to preserve the natural teeth, while dentures and dental bridges do not. Overall, dental implants are the most realistic substitute you can get to replace natural teeth. By looking into dental implant possibilities in the Falls Church, VA area, you are taking the first steps in altering the quality of your life. Dental implants, no matter what the procedure, look and feel like real teeth, and therefore can completely alter a person’s life.

If you are in the Falls Church area, and interested in the possibility of dental implants, you can speak to Dr. Naik about your candidacy for the procedure. She promises to treat your dental situation with the proper care and attention.

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