Family Dentist: Essential Qualities

Selecting a family dentist can be very difficult. In the Northern Virginia area, the challenge stems from being surrounded by many qualified dentists. This makes it a tough decision to make! It is important to find a professional family dentist who meets the socially acceptable standard of care and who makes you and your children feel comfortable and respected.

One of the qualifications that makes Dr. Naik a quality dentist is her attention to gums and her sore gums treatment. Dr. Naik knows that it is important to attend to gums even when the main focus of dental treatment is the prevention and care of tooth disease. Some family dentists focus predominantly on the care of teeth and prevention of cavities but neglect the gums until there is a problem! Instead of waiting until a patient needs sore gum treatment. If sore gum treatment does not occur, the patient’s condition could become severe enough to require a gum specialist or surgery.

Finding a family dentist who treats you with respect is extremely important in order for you to have a productive and comfortable experience at the dentist. Whether you’re looking for a dental implant surgeon or simply a Falls Church dentist, Dr. Naik makes her patients feel comfortable by giving them undivided attention and by giving them the individual treatment regardless of how long that may take. Patients who go to Dr. Naik feel valued and safe and often recommend her to their friends and family, as is visible on her reviews page.

Fear of the dentist or potentially painful dental procedures often keep individuals who need dental care from seeking it. Dr. Naik understands this and thus approaches dental procedures in a slow, educational way. This allows patients to understand exactly what procedures they need and how Dr. Naik will address those procedures before actually performing them. This approach to dental care reduces the fear and anxiety that comes from not having the full knowledge of dental procedures. Dr. Naik will do anything it takes to make you feel comfortable in her office, which is why kids as well as adults feel safe and comfortable with her completing their procedures.

As a family dentist, Dr. Naik happily attends to children as well as adults. When you are looking for a dentist who can treat the whole family, you need to find someone who has good reviews, legitimate experience, and who is considered trustworthy by you and your children. You also need a professional dentist who will teach your family healthy habits for taking care of their teeth that will last a lifetime!

Dr. Naik is a great family dentist because she offers services for everyone in the family, including fillings, tooth cleanings, tooth whitening treatment, sore gum treatment, and education about mouth hygiene. Dr. Naik will give your family the dental treatment that will promote oral health for everyone in the family!

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