How To Handle A Loose Tooth

Loose teeth are totally normal for kids. But if you’re an adult and have a loose tooth, you have a real problem. Loose teeth are a serious dental emergency, and without treatment from a Vienna family dentist like Priti Naik, DDS, you could be in danger of losing your tooth altogether.

What Causes Loose Teeth?

  1. The first and most common cause is impact injury. Americans lose around 5 million teeth a year because of impact injuries. Oral trauma to your tooth can be caused by hard hits in contact sports like football and hockey, slips and falls, or even car accidents. When your tooth suffers a serious traumatic injury, the ligaments and supportive material of the tooth are damaged. In turn, this causes the tooth to become loose in its socket. Without treatment, it may become infected or fall out.
  2. The second major cause of loose teeth is periodontal disease. Periodontal, or gum disease, can infect the ligaments and bone surrounding your teeth, causing them to deteriorate. In turn, this will cause teeth to loosen in their sockets.

What You Should Do If You Have A Loose Tooth

If you notice that you have a loose tooth, the first thing you should do is call an emergency dentist. Whether your tooth is loose after an injury, or you think you might have gum disease, call the office of Priti Naik, DDS in Tysons Corner for an emergency dentist appointment.

After you’ve scheduled your appointment, you should do everything you can to prevent your tooth from loosening further. Do not play with your loose tooth or touch it with your tongue.

It’s best to avoid eating altogether until treatment. But if this is not possible, eat soft foods only, and avoid hard foods like apples and nuts. You won’t be able to brush or floss normally, so rinse your mouth gently with warm water to remove food debris after eating.

Treatment Options For Loose Teeth

If your tooth is loose because of an impact injury, the most common treatment is a splint. This is exactly what it sounds like. Your loose tooth will be “splinted” to the two adjacent teeth, holding it in place until the ligaments can strengthen and reattach themselves.

If the tooth is very loose, extraction may be recommended instead.

If your tooth is loose because of periodontal disease, the first treatment recommended is a “deep cleaning”. Deep cleanings remove the plaque and tartar that cause periodontal disease, and this may be enough to resolve minor cases.

However, other procedures like gum reshaping and gum grafting may also be required, depending on the severity of your gum disease.

Come To Priti Naik DDS – Your Emergency Dentist In Tysons Corner!

Whether you have a dental emergency in Vienna or Tysons Corner, Dr. Priti Naik provides some of the best emergency dentistry in the area. With flexible appointments, a kind and caring attitude towards patients, and expert dental care, Dr. Naik can help you treat a loose tooth quickly, and help you get your life back to normal.

Contact us today at (703) 288-1800 to schedule an emergency appointment. We also accept walk-in emergency patients at our office, located at 8230 Boone Boulevard, Suite 320, Vienna, Virginia 22182.

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