Questions To Ask When Looking For A Local Dentist

What Should I look For In A Dentist Near Me?

For most of us, finding a new dentist is a matter of necessity after we’ve moved to a new place, changed insurances, or haven’t been to the dentist in awhile. For some of us, we’ll stay with the same family dentist forever unless a negative or undesired experience compels us to think about changing dentists. Whatever the initial reason is, looking for a new dentist can feel like walking in the dark if we don’t know what to look for! At Priti Naik DDS in Vienna, we believe we’re a unique dental practice raising the bar in family and cosmetic dentistry. If you’re looking for a new dentist in the area, here are a few questions to make your choice one you’ll be happy with for a lifetime!

How Accessible is My Dentist?

Can you make your appointment on the way back from picking the kids up from school and grabbing groceries for dinner? Was your last dentist open six days a week?

Location, location, location!

Located just off of Route 7 and minutes from Freedom Hill Elementary School, Kilmer Middle School and Marshall High School, our office is a convenient stop for patients and their families. After your visit, grab a bite to eat or try on a new pair of jeans at the Tysons Corner Mall.

And hours, too!

Have you ever rushed to the post office after work, just to find it closed? At Priti Naik DDS we’re open SIX days a week with availability to take same-day appointments in case a loved one has an unfortunate dental emergency.

Is The Dentist Near Me Better Than The Rest?

Is your care really in the best hands if your dentist hasn’t continued their education since they first graduated dental school? At Priti Naik DDS we’re not just any local dentist in Vienna–we’re a modern foundation for learning and advancing our skills through patient education and keeping up-to-date with the latest in modern dental technology. Treatment in everything from restorative to cosmetic dentistry are more advanced, which has a number of unique benefits:

  • Our multidisciplinary staff makes every appointment convenient! We have both an Endodontist to perform root canals and a Periodontist for gum grafting and dental implants in-office!
  • Patients spend less time waiting on traditional X-rays or dated treatment techniques, which means less time is spent per appointment and less appointments are needed per treatment.
  • Treatments such as root canal therapy and dental implants are more accurate and precise, which allows appointments to be painless and gentle and encourage faster healing.

A Personal Touch At Priti Naik DDS

No matter if your dentist is your neighbor next door or holds countless certifications, the biggest difference in choosing a local dentist is finding a dental practice that cares about you and your family. At Priti Naik DDS, our commitment to our community is obvious. Whether we’re helping your youngest giggle through their first dental exam or fitting your teenager for trendy, custom Invisalign braces, we’re happy to be the local dentist in Vienna your family feels at home with. Has it been six months since your last appointment to the dentist? Give us a call and get to know our friendly staff!

Learn More About Your Dentist in Vienna!

At Priti Naik DDS, we’re glad to have the best treatments available in family dentistry and conservative care for all of your family’s needs. Whether you’re looking for gentle root canal therapy for a nagging toothache, or need immediate care for a dental emergency, our staff places your care and comfort before anything else that we do. When we’re able to straighten teeth more quickly with Invisalign clear aligners or preserve more of your natural tooth with custom dental veneers, our patients feel more comfortable and positive about going to their six month checkups. If you’re looking to book your next cleaning or exam in Vienna, give us a call at 703-288-1800. We’re excited to care for you and your family.

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