Sinus Problems After A Root Canal?

If you think having a sore throat is the worst part about your root canal surgery, think again. While you may be able to alleviate some your throat discomfort with soft-serve ice cream and a healthy dose of frozen yogurt (along with some prescribed pain medicine), lots of folks report getting a sinus problem after a root canal. This isn’t just your average stuffy nose! Sinus problems often can’t be simply cleaned out with a Kleenex and often end up causing headaches and can be very bothersome. In this blog post from Vienna dentist Dr. Priti Naik, learn what your options are for addressing sinus symptoms after getting a root canal.

Did Your Root Canal Cause Your Sinus Problems?

So you’re having sinus issues after getting a root canal- what should you do next? First and foremost, you need to check with your dentist or doctor your symptoms are related to your root canal. But stay calm! Though there is a small chance your doctor could have drilled through your root canal and into your sinuses, most experts say that you probably would have already wound-up in the emergency room had that happened.

What’s far more common is that some of the liquid in your jaw is leaking through the membranes in your nose. That’s because your root canal and your sinus cavity are basically next door neighbors that share a thin wall. Now that your dentist has chipped away some of that barrier between your sinus and your root canal, that wall is thinner and more transparent. Viola – now you have a sinus problem after your root canal. A common sign indicating that your sinus problem is related to your root canal is that you may continuously taste a gross, salty flavor in your mouth. That’s sodium hypochlorite- the same chemical your dentist used when he or she flushed out your root canal during surgery. The leftover sodium hypochlorite is simply making its way through your nostril and into your mouth.

How to Treat Sinus Problems After a Root Canal

It’s important to remember that you should consult with your doctor before trying to treat your sinus issues that occur after getting a root canal. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or take other measures to ensure that an infection doesn’t develop or worsen. If that’s the case, make sure to ask your dentist whether he or she thinks you should stop using over-the-counter remedies in conjunction with your antibiotics, and which over-the-counter medications are recommended for usage after your surgery.

With your doctor’s permission, it is possible to use a neti pot or another type of nasal saline solution that can be found at your local pharmacy to combat your sinus problem after a root canal. Many ear, nose and throat doctors recommend using a neti pot because it’s a proven way to help drain nasal congestion and clear out mucus and other unwanted substances from your nostrils.

Ask Your Vienna Dentist What’s Causing Your Sinus Problems After Root Canal

However you decide to combat your sinus problems, the bottom line is that if you’re experiencing sinus symptoms after a root canal, there’s hope for you and your leaky, stuffy nose. If you’ve received a root canal from another practice, get a second opinion from an experienced root canal dentist by by contacting Dr. Naik’s experienced team of dental care staff with any root canal related questions or to schedule a follow up exam for a second opinion at her Tyson’s Corner dental office.

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