When Is Crown Lengthening Necessary?

Picture this: you are in the dentist's chair having a cavity filled and then they mention that you may also need crown lengthening.

You may wonder:

What is crown lengthening and when is this procedure necessary?

Here's what you need to know.

What Is Crown Lengthening?

As the name suggests, crown lengthening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure where your Vienna cosmetic dentist will expose more of the natural crown of your teeth to make them look longer. The dentist will achieve this lengthening effect by pushing the gums closer to the root of the tooth. In some cases, the dentist will also need to reshape the bone beneath the teeth so that the gums stay in position.

You can have crown lengthening on just one tooth or multiple teeth. The dentist will give you a sedative before the procedure, so you won't feel any pain while they are making the small incisions in your gums.

Why Would I Need Crown Lengthening?

While you may think that crown lengthening is purely done for cosmetic reasons, that's not always the case. Yes, in some cases, crown lengthening is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile, but it can also come with significant oral health benefits too.

So, here's why one might need crown lengthening:

Tooth Decay

If your cavity is deep and the damage has surpassed the gum line, then crown lengthening is necessary to access the damaged area and treat it accordingly.

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile occurs when more than 4 millimeters of gums are exposed when smiling. If the cause of your gummy smile is genetic, then you can minimize the gingival display by exposing more of your crown. However, if the gummy smile is caused by something else, such as a bad bit, then you may need orthodontic treatment first to treat it.

Irregular Gum Line

If you have an irregular gum line and are very unhappy with the way your smile looks, then crown lengthening can help fix this issue too. During the procedure, the dentist will expose more of your teeth's crown to give your teeth a more natural and symmetrical look.

What to Expect During the Procedure

While the thought of having numerous small incisions in your gums may feel intimidating, you should know that crown lengthening is actually a simple procedure that can be done in under one hour. You will be given a local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. You can also ask about sedation options if you are anxious about the procedure.

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