5 Signs You Need A Root Canal – What To Look For

Root canals at the office of Dr. Priti Naik are required to treat infected teeth that will otherwise continue to die, and will eventually fall out of your mouth. But how do you know if you have an infected tooth and may require a root canal? In this blog, we’ll look at the top 5 signs that you may need to schedule an emergency root canal appointment with Dr. Naik.

1. A Severe Toothache That Keeps Getting Worse

The most well-known sign of an infected tooth is a toothache. Toothaches happen when the outer layers of tooth material are destroyed and the nerve and bacteria-filled pulp inside starts to die. This process causes a lot of pain due to the sensitivity of the nerves inside your tooth. If you have a toothache that only gets worse, you may need a root canal. 

2. A Tooth That’s Sensitive To Heat, Cold, And Pressure

Even if you don’t have a toothache, your tooth may feel sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks, or the pressure of chewing certain foods. This happens because the nerves of an infected tooth are much more sensitive.

3. Visibly Discolored Tooth Or Gum Tissue Near The Tooth

If your tooth or the gum tissue near the tooth looks dark, discolored, or otherwise abnormal, this may indicate the presence of a serious tooth infection. As bacteria kill the tooth and spread throughout the gums, they will cause discoloration of the tooth and/or the gums, depending on your case. 

4. Swelling In Your Cheek Or Face

Extensive infections may cause your cheek or face to swell up. This is called a “dental abscess with facial cellulitis,” and is an extremely serious condition. 

This usually indicates that the tooth is infected, and that the tip of the tooth may also be infected. You will need to see an experienced endodontist like Dr. Priti Naik to save your tooth and prevent the infection from spreading any further.

5. Fever

Fever, along with swollen lymph nodes, may be present in extremely extensive tooth infections. This is a sign that the bacteria are spreading throughout your body, causing your immune system to respond with feverish symptoms.

You need to see a dentist immediately if you have a fever and any of the above signs. It’s possible for untreated tooth infections to cause sepsis, which is a potentially life-threatening condition. The sooner you get help, the better your outcome will be. 

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