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Emergency Dentist in Vienna & Tysons Corner, VA

Do I Need an Emergency Dentist?

Dental Emergencies can happen anytime, and likely when they’re least expected. While it can be tempting to ignore the issue, dental emergencies should be treated quickly. The longer a dental emergency goes untreated, the more likely other complications will develop. If you’re experiencing swelling in the mouth or are suffering from a severe toothache, please contact the Vienna emergency dentist at Priti Naik DDS. It’s extremely important to get in touch with our office for emergency dental care as soon as possible if you’ve knocked out or broken a tooth. Damaged fillings or crowns also warrant a dental emergency appointment, as well as excessive bleeding after an extraction.

dental emergency in Vienna, VA

It’s A Dental Emergency–What Now?

Dr. Priti Naik and her staff of Vienna emergency dentists and hygienists are happy to accommodate emergency situations, and Dr. Naik tries to address all dental emergencies within 24 hours. Call 703-288-1800 for both active hours and after-hours care, for our main phone line for information on how to reach Dr. Naik.

Loose or Knocked-Out Teeth

If your tooth is loose or has been knocked out due to dental trauma, this is considered a very serious dental emergency. You must get treatment within 1-2 hours of the injury to ensure that your tooth can be saved.

If your tooth is loose, avoid touching it or moving it with your tongue. You must see Dr. Naik as soon as you can to get your tooth splinted. We’ll bond your tooth to the adjacent teeth to keep it in place and allow it to heal properly. 

If your tooth has been knocked out, recover it by grabbing it by the crown. You can rinse it gently with warm water, then put it back into the socket or put it in a container of cold milk to keep it moist. Call our office right away to let us know that you are coming in with a knocked-out tooth. 

We will quickly replace and splint your tooth in its socket. If your tooth is replaced within 1-2 hours, it will likely be able to re-attach and heal. However, if you do not get help in time, this procedure may not be successful.

Damaged or Broken Teeth

If your tooth has broken due to oral trauma, teeth grinding, or accidentally biting a non-food object, it’s important to get help right away. A broken, damaged or fractured tooth can be extremely painful. Not only that, but you’re also likely to develop complications like a tooth infection. Come to our office right away so Dr. Naik can examine your mouth and provide you with the proper treatment to restore your tooth.

Loose/Pulled-Out Dental Work

A pulled-out or loose crown or filling may not be painful or even seem like a dental emergency, but it is. If your dental work is loose or pulled-out, this means that you have a high risk of tooth decay or infection. Recover your crown or filling if it has fallen out and schedule a same-day appointment with Dr. Naik right away to have it replaced.

Serious Toothaches

A toothache that lasts for more than a day or two could indicate either a serious cavity or an infected tooth. Both of these issues are serious dental emergencies. If left untreated, a cavity will continue to cause you pain and your tooth will eventually become infected. You’ll need a filling or crown to restore your tooth. 

If your tooth is infected, you will need a root canal to remove bacteria and restore your tooth. If left untreated, your tooth will continue to decay, and it may even die. This will require you to have a tooth extraction and replacement with a partial denture, a dental bridge, or a dental implant.

If you are experiencing pain and tooth sensitivity that lasts more than a day or two, and you also notice issues like inflammation or discolored gum tissue around your tooth, schedule a same-day emergency appointment with Dr. Naik right away.

Your Vienna emergency dental appointment

Dr. Priti Naik is a Vienna emergency dentist, skilled in periodontic, restorative and surgical dentistry. No matter the emergency dental service required, Dr. Naik goes above and beyond to deliver the relief and dental results each unique patient needs. Even in an emergency situation, it is Dr. Naik’s priority that each patient feels comfortable and well informed while under her care. Emergency visits are no exception–the same superior care will be delivered with Dr. Priti Naik, be it an emergency visit or regularly scheduled appointment. Dr. Naik offers emergency care to patients in the Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, Falls Church, and Washington, D.C. areas.

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