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TMJ Therapy At Priti Naik DDS

Jaw pain, neck pain and even tingling in your arms and hands may be attributed to a joint disorder known as TMJ pain or TMD.

It can be difficult to find an experienced general dentist in Northern Virginia, but Priti Naik of Vienna, VA believes your best level of oral health is in reach. As a highly skilled general dentist with a background in comprehensive therapies for oral health, Dr. Naik believes healthy smiles deserve to last a lifetime.

As your local dentist in Northern Virginia Dr. Naik believes in taking a preventive approach to modern dental care, treating small dental issues before they become big or expensive problems. In her warm and friendly office, smiles of all ages are kept cavity-free using ADA-recognized dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dr. Naik also recommends that everyone attend six-month checkups to thwart issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

For patients who snore, grind their teeth, or suffer from TMJ disorder, relief can be found with custom-fitted oral appliances that alleviate distress and restore comfortable function. If you’re an athlete or the parent of one, you’ll want to learn more about athletic mouthguards that can help protect smiles from a dental injury. Our services in general dentistry span a wide range of treatments, so patients looking for the right care for their needs can find it conveniently.

Six Month Checkups

Let’s face it: the power of your toothbrush simply can’t match up to the abilities of a professional dentist. No matter if you brush and floss twice a day or carry a spare toothbrush wherever you go, dental health is a collaborative effort between you and your dentist. By coming in every six months for a dental cleaning and exam, your dental health is monitored and supported with exceptional attention to detail of a professional in the field. Don’t let time get away from you and the health of your teeth! Give us a call to schedule an appointment for you and your family.

Gum Disease Therapy

Gum disease is one of the most prevalent diseases existing today. If left untreated it is known to develop into periodontitis, an often painful condition that can result in tooth loss of one or more teeth. Before you experience any signs of tooth sensitivity, reddened gums or gums that bleed after flossing, schedule an appointment with us for professional care to support your health and smile.

Healthier Smiles With Us

Review our general and preventive services, and then call our dental office today to schedule an appointment with your dentist’s general practice, Priti Naik, DDS. Dr. Naik delivers distinctive service and personalized care to residents of Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas of Vienna, McLean, and Tyson’s Corner. Also contact Dr. Naik if you’re in search of a dentist’s general practice in Falls Church, VA.

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