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Invisalign Treatments in Tysons Corner

A Straighter Smile To Bring Out Your Confidence!

We all have that one friend whose beautiful infectious smile is the first thing we think of when we describer him or her to others. But wouldn’t it feel amazing if that kind of positivity and confidence was what others think about you, too? If having crooked or misaligned teeth is holding you back from expressing yourself the way you want to, we can help you feel like yourself again with Invisalign! Not only will you be able to eat your favorite sticky or chewy foods, speak to your friends and brush and floss without clunky metal braces giving you away, but you’ll be excited to show off a smile that looks and feels natural and brings out your unique personality!

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benefits of invisalign

We all know that Invisalign beats out metal braces just in looks alone (after all, you can hardly even see Invisalign!), but how else do the two compare in straightening your teeth? When we compare braces vs. Invisalign, the difference might have you booking your appointment quickly at (703) 288-1800.

What Can Invisalign Treat?

As an alternative to metal braces, Invisalign is ideal for treating cases of minor-to-moderate orthodontic problems. It’s intended to correct issues like gaps in your smile as well as uneven, slightly-crooked or crowded teeth. It can also correct some minor bite issues, and shift your jaw into a healthier position.

However, Invisalign is not as powerful or versatile as metal braces for orthodontic treatment. It is usually not recommended for patients who have major orthodontic issues, such as a seriously malpositioned bite. For these types of treatments, traditional braces are typically a better option.

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

This depends on your age and the level of orthodontic treatment you need. However, if your mouth is healthy and free of issues like tooth decay and gum disease and you do not have major orthodontic problems, you are likely a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. If you are located in Tysons Corner, Vienna or McLean, contact Dr. Naik for more information, and to schedule an appointment.

Caring for Your Aligners Properly

Properly caring for your aligners is important for keeping your mouth healthy during your Invisalign treatment, and for ensuring that your treatment does not fall behind due to a broken or damaged aligner. There are a few steps that you’ll need to take to care for your aligners properly.

First, make sure you remove them whenever you eat, and whenever you drink any beverage besides water. Eating while wearing your aligners will damage them, as they are not intended to hold up to heavy chewing. Drinking beverages like sports drinks, coffee and tea while wearing your aligners can stain them. In addition, hot drinks could warp your aligners. 

When you do take your aligners out to eat or drink, make sure that you put them in the carrying case that you’ll be given by Dr. Naik. This ensures you don’t accidentally misplace them or damage them.

In addition, you’ll want to rinse out your aligners and brush your teeth after you eat. If you can’t brush, rinsing with water or mouthwash is a reasonably good alternative. Doing this helps stop bacteria from building up on your aligners your teeth. 

If you are still having trouble with bacterial buildup, you may want to consider soaking your aligners once per day in an Invisalign crystal cleaner or a denture cleaning solution.
At night, you’ll want to clean your aligners. We do not recommend using toothpaste as it is abrasive. Instead, use a non-scented antibacterial soap that rinses away cleanly. Scrub with a toothbrush and use warm (not hot!) water to avoid warping your aligners. 

If you follow these steps, your aligners will stay in great shape, but don’t worry. If you do accidentally break or damage one of your aligners, we can simply provide you with a replacement. It may set your treatment back a few weeks, but it’s not the end of the world.

your Invisalign appointment with us

From sporting closed-mouth smiles in our yearbook photos to ogling celebrities’ pearly whites during the Oscars, we all crave a beautiful smile that reflects the confidence we have inside. When it’s time for you to find a way to invisibly straighten your teeth in a fraction of the time of usual braces, our team can help you turn your dream smile into a reality. To make your appointment, call us at (703) 288-1800.

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