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Inlays and Onlays in Tysons Corner & Vienna

Our versatile services in dental inlays and onlays are expertly tailored to improve the appearance of your smile.

Teeth can be extremely durable. However, with time and wear, teeth often can become damaged and may require some sort of support. At times, oral damage calls for a full dental crown, or caps that cover severely damaged teeth. Tooth crowns are one of the more complex dental solutions for repairing a tooth’s shape, size and strength, or to mend its appearance. If a tooth, or multiple teeth, aren’t yet seriously damaged a full dental crown may not be necessary. Instead, an attractive and less serious alternative to a dental crown can be used in dental inlays or onlays.

Let’s say you discover a big filling need that needs to be replaced! Does this mean a full dental crown is needed? Fortunately, no. If damage isn’t overbearing, a conservative option in dental inlays or onlays may be available. Upon learning about dental inlays and onlays, most patients often choose this option over full dental crowns. Dental inlays or onlays fit similarly to a filling; however, they are different in that they are refined restorations, like a full crown.

Dental inlays and onlays fit in between the cusps on top of teeth. Cusps are the bumps on the top of teeth that aid in the breaking down of food during chewing. Dental inlays fit in between your tooth’s cusps and onlays will fit over one or two cusps depending on what’s needed. Inlays and onlays are thought to be a good alternative to full dental crowns because the procedure isn’t as extensive; also, inlays and onlays result in the appearance of a more natural tooth structure! Dental inlays and onlays provide the best option to most patients looking to retain a natural smile and normal tooth function.

different types of decay

Determining the Best Solution

Dr. Priti Naik will assess a patient’s particular oral problem and conclude the best resolution for their tooth health (not every situation is right for an inlay or onlay). The procedures are not usually complicated, by they do require two appointments since, like a crown, inlays and onlays are created in a lab.

The first visit of an inlay or onlay procedure will entail the preparation stages, as Dr. Naik must first remove tooth decay or previous fillings and subsequently clean the affected area. Dr. Naik will then take an impression and send it to our experienced dental lab for processing where our technician will create a customized inlay or onlay. At this point, the patient will receive a temporary replacement until our lab delivers a final restoration product.

At the second appointment, the patient’s temporary inlay or onlay is replaced by the permanent restoration when Dr. Priti Naik cements the final restoration on the affected tooth into position. The permanent inlay or onlay is then polished and modified if necessary to ensure proper bite alignment to ensure a strong, beautifully healthy smile for many years.

Inlays and onlays are an attractive alternative to crowns and other more extensive dental replacement procedures as they can give an appearance of a natural tooth. Although ultimately, Family dentist Dr. Naik will determine the best material needed for the inlay or onlay procedure, often times white restoration for the showing teeth is available.

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