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Digital Imaging

Using advancements in modern dentistry, digital dental imaging creates highly detailed, comprehensive images of your oral health.

Living in the 21st century is amazing. Countless technological advances in so many aspects of the world have greatly enhanced quality of life. So what kind of benefits has the technology of today brought to the world of dentistry? Well, the dentistry of today can actually predict the future!

Digital dental imaging in Vienna

The advanced digital technology of today has allowed dentists to predict the outcomes of certain procedures. It is often difficult to make decisions when you are uncertain of the possible outcomes of your choices. A person’s smile is often seen as a unique identifier and an extremely personnel aspect of one’s life. When you are trying to decide whether to correct or enrich your smile, one may undoubtedly want to put much thought into their decision.

Today, thanks to innovations in dentistry, specifically cosmetic digital imaging, your decision may be made much easier. Digital imaging is unique software that is utilized by dentists to demonstrate to patients the future outcome of an advised dental procedure.

Digital imaging uses a digital photo that is taken of a patient’s mouth with an advanced video camera. This camera takes highly detailed digital photographs of a patient’s internal and external oral fixtures. The digital image is then processed and manipulated to reflect any procedures that a patient may be considering.

The digital image is nothing less than a generated photograph that shows your new, predicted smile. Digital imaging is operational in predicting the outcome of several dental procedures. This advanced digital technology allows for patients to review the results of whatever procedure they’re considering; whether it is teeth straightening, whitening, bonding veneers or a complete smile makeover!

The process involved with digital imaging is amazingly simple. An experienced dentist will complete an oral exam and identify any deficiencies in structure or health that they may see in your mouth. Once complete they will share the results with you and discuss your smile outlook, identified dental goals, and a personalized treatment plan.

After several digital photographs are taken of your current smile, corresponding images will be sent to a computer where various inputs are factored into imaging software. Based on the procedure or procedures you’re considering, the computer will generate one, or more, graphic images to precisely portray the modifications that you would potentially see in the appearance of your mouth and face.

Digital imaging is truly a fun process for the patient and an amazingly helpful product. The predicted result of digital imaging will surely result in immediate excitement for the patient looking for that brand new smile. Priti Naik, DDS can refer you to a dental imaging specialist who may even provide a take home photo to show to all your loved ones!

Knowledgeable patients, or what we like to call in our office: informed partners, make the best decisions. Digital imaging provides that opportunity, and allows a glimpse of your bright future! Call our Vienna, VA office today for more information.

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