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The office of Dr. Naik delivers quality and effective dental practice by utilizing the modern technology available today.

Dr. Priti Naik is a patient-focused dental provider. What does a patient-focused practice mean? It is the goal of Dr. Naik and her staff to provide the utmost quality service to every single patient. Quality service means creating a comfortable environment, a caring culture, and the delivery of an efficient and effective service. One of the new innovations in dentistry that Dr. Naik and her staff take advantage of is known as the Panorex, or panoramic radiography.

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A Panorex X-ray is a more efficient version of a dental X-ray. It has numerous benefits and allows Dr. Naik to take a panoramic view of a patient’s entire oral cavity. The Panorex is a single picture of your teeth and all the surrounding bones including the upper and lower jawbone, jaw joints, and the nasal sinuses area. A Panorex exposes parts of the jaw that dentists aren’t able to be seen through traditional dental X-rays. The X-rays provide a great benefit to dentists in diagnosing previously hard to deal with dental areas.

Did we mention – Panorex X-ray is a satisfying, comfortable experience for the patient. This type isn’t used like typical dental X-rays, and it’s used to identify specific areas of dental care:

Early Detection of Oral Cancer – Oral Cancer can be unfortunately hard to diagnose since most symptoms, especially physical ones, don’t become evident until later stages. Panorex allows Dr. Naik to sometimes see cysts and tumors, both benign and malignant.

TMJ/TMD – provides Dr. Naik the ability to more easily diagnose temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD.

Jaw Bone Problems – Diseases of the jaw bone can be identified more obviously on a Panorex X-ray, as well as various damage to the jaw bone.

Gum Disease – Gum disease is also more apparent . It is important to identify gum disease in its early stages in order to prevent widespread damage.

Tooth and Jaw Development – Provides the dentist a newly sufficient way to identify the proper development of children’s permanent teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth – Provide a better view of the location and development of wisdom teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth.

Dental Restorations – Upon receiving your first Panorex, Dr. Naik may efficiently be able to determine the need for corrective dental care like braces, dentures or replacement dental implants.

Sinus Problems – Sinus problems are often related to uncomfortable tooth pain. With the help of a Panorex, Dr. Naik can identify and diagnose sinus condition more effectively and prescribe proper treatment.

Preparation for Dental Implant Surgery – Panorex X-rays are also used prior to dental surgery to more easily identify the mandibular nerve. This way, Dr. Naik’s patients don’t have to continually suffer from multiple needles during the application of numbing lotion.

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