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Wax Models

Set your smile up for success with custom designed wax models in our office.

The office of Dr. Priti Naik believes in providing premium service. What does premium service mean? It means providing quality care by using the latest technologies within a comfortable and caring culture. Not only do we want our patients to be satisfied after a visit to our offices, but we want them walking out with an even bigger smile than they had walking in!

Custom designed wax model

Models to our patients to help provide the best preventative care.

Dr. Priti Naik and her staff strive to always keep the patient’s best interests in mind. Our office does this by allowing patients to make knowledgeable decisions by creating informed partners rather than just average patients. Our office uses the latest innovations to show our patients what the future holds if they may choose to elect on taking one of the many offered dental procedures.

Seeing The Process First

A great way our dentists show results to patients before they are realized, and seen, is done through the use of wax-up models. A wax-up model is a helpful tool that is fabricated specifically for every patient who is considering a complicated procedure. By utilizing the engineering needed to create a model, Dr. Priti Naik is able to correctly and accurately predict the result of a procedure that involves a more complex restorative or cosmetic technicality.

Dr. Naik creates wax-up model allowing for several advantages. The wax-up model of the patient’s jaws and teeth, both upper and lower, is created. Afterwards, Dr. Naik will use the accurate model of your mouth to test and ensure accurate procedures that deal with fitting prosthetic, veneers and other dental work like full crowns and replacements. The wax-up model allows Dr. Naik to predict and ensure a proper fit for every patient’s unique dental structure.

The model also allows for patients to observe the result of whatever dental procedure they are debating on electing. Dr. Naik and her staff are truly trying to create an easy-to-see picture of what your smile can potentially look like! Techniques like the wax-up model create more informed patients (or partners) allowing for educated decisions.

A Flexible Way To Find Solutions

Wax-up models are easily manipulated. If a modification is required, Dr. Naik will adjust the model to reflect whatever changes needed before sending the measurements and subsequent results to the dental laboratory for processing. Wax-up models provide a very realistic, tangible projection of the dental work that our offices provides. This allows for Dr. Naik to provide the best possible restorations for her patients.

A healthy smile is the quickest way to a healthy and whole body wellness. The staff at the office of Dr. Naik constantly strives to give the best opportunity to every patient looking to take care of their dental needs. To learn more about all the different technologies, like wax-up models that are utilized at our office, and to schedule your next appointment, call today!

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