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Digital X-Rays

what we see is what we get

The office of Dr. Priti Naik utilizes digital X-rays to provide a safer, clearer, and more comfortable picture of your dental health. By investing in digital radiology, Dr. Priti Naik is investing in a better way to look out for the best interests of her patients.

Digital x-ray

Digital radiography is the innovative way to look into your mouth and it’s much faster and much more precise than traditional X-rays. With the help of digital radiography, Priti Naik, DDS will be able to clearly identify both the interior and exterior anatomical structures of your mouth. The detailed picture presented by a digital X-ray will enable the dentist to precisely diagnose any dental problems like gum disease!

Dr. Priti Naik doesn’t only want her patients to get an accurate diagnosis, but also a true understanding so that they can be an informed partner, not just an uninformed patient! Our office informs patients by displaying digital images of their mouths directly on an examination room monitor. By providing the visual image, Dr. Priti Naik works to demonstrate to the patient exactly what’s affecting them.

Digital radiography is a simplified improvement that ultimately means better care for our patients with useful dental evaluations and correct treatment decisions. You’re the star of your own dental team so you should understand what’s happening when we evaluate your dental health!

Reduced Radiation, Radical Results

Getting an X-ray at dental offices used to be a complicated procedure. Traditional X-rays were used by dentists to see what couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. Unfortunately, they used to be developed in darkrooms using hazardous chemicals and unique lightning. And while X-rays provided a unique look, they used to provide an unnecessarily high radiation exposure to patients.

Today, through the use of a tiny sensor placed in a patient’s mouth, it is estimated that digital X-rays reduce patient radiation exposure up to 90%! Digital X-rays simultaneously create a more detailed image of all the oral structures affecting your dental health. All digital images are presented to the patient conveniently on an examination room monitor. The image can be adjusted, magnified, rotated and broken down in several ways in order to explain appropriately what’s happening inside the patient’s mouth.

Digital radiography provides a streamline process allowing for easy storage as well as fast and significantly cheaper delivery to insurance companies, referred specialists, and continued education consumers.

There are unequaled advantages to the patients and dentists utilizing digital X-rays when compared to traditional X-ray methods. Digital X-rays provide the safest, most useful, opportunity for our patients to get the best possible experience every time they visit our office.

If you have questions about digital X-rays, and its boundless benefits, call Dr. Priti Naik’s office today!

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